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Running Naked In The Universe

Camille is 25, a suburban girl with a fearful temper. A one-track mind obsesses her: SHE WANTS A KID!
She can't possibly wait three hours, and even less 9 months, not at all: she prefers to steal a child so that it is immediate.




BERN NOTICE - Ruby Brown

Bern Notice is 40 year old self-diagnosed schizophrenic. His grandsperm Tug is his roomate. They inadvertently solve crimes.

Bern Notice - Ruby Brown is the pilot to this episodic series.

In this episode Bern and Tug befriend a man named Ricky Cola. Ricky wants help stealing a ruby before "some Real Bad Guys" can steal it first.



A man goes to the church in order to confess his last sin to an exasperated young priest.





Cucul La PraLine

Raphaël and Gaétan park their car in an abandoned parking lot. When Raphaël opens the rear trunk of the car, he realizes that Gaétan has not kidnapped the right person ...






An ordinary schoolgirl's life unravels after an evil creature takes over her body. Only her mother, with the help of a strange doctor, will be able to save her.




Camping Club

A group of unlikely friends embarks on a camping trip that will change their lives.






A man feels he has failed, fired and abandoned by his wife, he wants to end it. The ghosts in his mind torment him and in front of him there is emptiness and finally silence ... Sometimes, however, it happens that fate is more mocking than you can imagine. Maybe there is always an alternative ... 




A young man moves back in with his mom after breaking up with his wife, but soon finds out that his mom has a strange new hobby. A poignant story of elderly independence.




The Call

Every one of us has had this one bad day when everything we touch just completely falls apart. The Call is a depiction of such bad day, created to make us laugh and see how small misunderstandings can completely turn our day upside down.




Yet Another

Cooped up inside and overcome with boredom, a young boy ventures out of the house to find a little excitement--but it's not the first time.





Two busy millennial's Luna and Delilah bump into each other at their favourite cafe. They try and organise ain overdue catch up. They slowly progress through their diaries as we learn about their manic lives from masturbation classes to unique Fyre Island inspired festivals. However will they actually ever find a free date?



Death comes knocking. When Max's parents are out of town, he and his friends planned to have the party of their lives. They did not plan for the party of their deaths. They will face sheer horror when the doors in the house all come to life. Knock knock.





Pledge It

Public school children around the country say the pledge of allegiance every day, but for the second graders at Reileigh elementary allegiance was not such an easy sell. A filmmaker explores the comical chain of events that left classroom 3C in utter ruin, turning morning meeting into morning anarchy.



Border Patrol

"Border Patrol" is a satirical comedy about a group of Latino Border Patrol agents and the eccentric residents who live in the tiny border town of Aburrida -- where the biggest dangers they face are the problems they create. Written & Created by Ernie Bustamante.




Home Movies







Pimpee T - Hoe Detective

An ex-pimp discovers he has a knack for solving cases of missing ladys of the night.So he starts his own Detective Agency.Join PimpeeT and his misfit cast of hoodlums on their wacky, hood adventures of saving lives one hoe at a time.




Guys Night

A pair of obnoxious guys relentlessly pester their co-worker to go out for drinks after work. How can he resist the ultimate "guys night"?




It's Complicated

It's Complicated is a situational comedy that follows Kevin, a man trying to start over after making a shocking discovery about his wife of 20 years. In this pilot episode, Kevin Brody comes home early to surprise his wife for their 20th wedding anniversary only to find out he's the one in for a surprise! Denise, his wife is in the shower with someone else.

Flash forward 18 months. Kevin's best friend Graham tries to get Kevin back into the dating scene by convincing him to ask out Penny, the new paralegal at his office. Despite Kevin's feeble attempts at flirting, sparks fly and Penny accepts a date from Kevin.

Things go array when the date doesn't exactly go as planned. Kevin and Penny encounter one surprise after another until they realize the only thing they know for sure is about getting into a new relationship's complicated!

Gopher Dreaming

Gophers and farmers don’t get along. Unless...






Mowing Man

A young couple moves into their new home and start noticing that the neighbors are obsessed with lawn care.



As Is

Freddie, a telegram delivery messenger, has no problem telling it like it is, unless it's about himself. When his self-embellishments get him in over his head with his dream girl, he's got to come clean and present himself 'as is'.




The Third Part

Sergio is dying from marrow cancer. His doctor, Millán, wants him to achieve his final will. Helped by the rest of the medical team, they will leave embarrassment aside to make his last dream come true.





Big Red

A dance class bully challenges the new girl to a dance-off.





A Dixie Darling Dinner

Inspired by pilot script, 'Tales of A Dixie Darling,' this short, is about a southern matriarch who wants nothing more than to have a perfect Christmas dinner- if only her family would cooperate! This comedy peppered with social and political satire explores the pitfalls of perfectionism and narrow-mindedness.




Roscoe The Junkyard Cat

Roscoe the cat just wants to live the sweet life; has cheezburger, like that famous lasagna eating cat. But he's stuck in a junkyard with a drug-addicted dog, and a stuttering mouse. He can't find anyone to take him home with them, and between Marcus the Tweaker and Dick the junkyard owner, Roscoe is on borrowed time. Filmed in and around Olympia, Washington, this adult comedy TV pilot blends puppets and crass humor to tell the story of a cat looking for a better life.



Birth Is Beautiful

Alan is about to be a dad for the first time. Lucky for him, Eric is there to get him up to speed on everything that happens...EVERYTHING that happens.





Follow Crypto hunter Sans and crew as they investigate suspected creatures of an unknown nature.





Vampire Camp

Vampire hunting expert, Professor Bartholomew Dubbs gives a weekend workshop on how to find and kill vampires. Comedy ensues when his assistants discover that half those signed up for the workshop are vampires who intend to kill Dubbs during the red moon.




La Ricetta Della Mamma

Mico Torre, a hitman, has to kill a witness before he can testify at a trial. He plans the assassination carefully and chooses the apartment of playboy Lanfranco Giussani as the perfect spot as its windows are right in front of the court entrance. Mico kidnaps Giussani while he is leaving for a trip and takes possession of the apartment, sure that he won't be disturbed by the neighbors as they think it is empty. In the wait, he gets to know his hostage and, while he can forgive his many vices, he can't accept the fact that he lies to his old mother, even ignoring her birthday, as well as the peppers she prepared for him with much love. Mico eats them all. The morning after, while he is stationing at the window with a shotgun, waiting for his victim, he feels sick and has to run to the toilet, blowing off the operation. The doorman, alerted by the neighbors made suspicious by the moans, calls the authorities that surprise him in the toilet.


T.I.O.L.I. Revolt: We're Not Going To Take It (Or Leave It)

The regulars of Nantucket's Take It Or Leave It are met with a crisis when a new policy is put in place.





Breaking The Internet

Breaking the Internet is a coming-of-middle-age short comedy about a suburban Mom stuck in tedium who believes the best way out is to become Youtube famous. Set against the backdrop of bickering children and rolling garbage bins, Marcy employs her kids as her social media gurus in a landscape of technologies that have completely passed her by.




A hypochondriac, so engrossed in symptoms, makes a diagnosis for the woman he adores.




Ms. Rossi 

While on her way to a business meeting, Ms. Rossi takes an interesting detour.





Several years after his wife's passing, a man decides to get back into the dating scene with a little help from his son's advice.




The Plantagonist

A guy struggles not to kill his girlfriend's already dying plant...

This is a short about our tendency to stay in and prop up relationships that would just as soon be dead; how out of fear or habit we struggle against out better interests to remain in dynamics that we find the most comfort. This is a short about a break-up...with a bunch of jokes about genitals.



Transgender Kenbie

Proud parents bring their kids into the 21st century with a brand new toy!




Tyler Lumpkin: CEO

When a genius with a speech impediment is confronted by the girl of his dreams and told that she has lost her job because of him, he must confront the powerful Fortune 500 Corporate Executive who fired her and find a way to make things right.





Jordan's day becomes anything but ordinary when she's "gifted" the power of shapeshifting.





Happily Married After

When sharing her tips for a happy marriage, a young wife must come to realize that marriages are never perfect, or else she stands the risk of losing it all.




Mac Isn't Gay

A man experiencing intimacy issues with women visits his shrink, who suggests he might be gay. The offended patient then spends his entire session trying to prove he isn't gay.




Pajama Party Work Night

Jayne and her team receive the assignment to rework the Wellington Proposal by 6:00am. Setbacks and complications result in a hilarious race to the finish line.





Once Upon A Mime

A mime takes his art to a deplorable level.






The Mountains We Climb

Following the inner dialogue of an online date, we venture into the conscious as Alex tries to put himself "out there".







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